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Combining the qualities of dance, gymnastics, strength, power and teamwork with a whole lot of fun


Aqualina have been around since the 1980’s. We are based in Hertfordshire, and are part of Swim England East Region. All of our swimmers are encouraged to work towards Skill Grades and enter Local, County, Regional and National Competitions. “Artistic Swimming” formerly know as Synchronised Swimming is a great way of combining swimming and dancing and is often referred to as “Dancing in the Water”.

There are numerous benefits to joining an Artistic Swimming Club, including: Increased fitness, building Social Skills, gaining Confidence and being part of a Team. If you are interested in any of the following sports we would recommend giving Artistic Swimming a try: Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dancing, Diving, Swimming and Drama.

We are currently running Junior, Senior and Masters training sessions with both male and female swimmers. Our swimmers range from 8 years to 50+

The club is run by our Committee, we rely on the support of many volunteers whom we could not survive without.