Getting Started

Aqualina works closely with our feeder club KS Swim School Synchro, where all brand new starters to the sport will begin. The KS Swim School starter sessions take place on Sunday mornings from 11.45am – 12-30pm at Monks Walk pool in Welwyn Garden.

The KS Swim School club is for beginners and works on the basic skills and fundamentals of Synchro. Swimmers get the opportunity to perform in displays to showcase what they learn in the club with choreographed routines to music.

Once the swimmers are competent at the basic skills and movements of Synchro they will then be promoted into the main Aqualina Synchronised Swimming club; where there will be no more teaching but instead coaching the swimmers with skills, figurers, solos, duets and teams. These routines will then get performed all year round at competitions and skills days.

If you would like to join Aqualina SSC, feel free to get in touch. We recommend reading the following documents and filling out our Membership Form that can be found below:

Membership Form : 

Are Code of Conduct can be found HERE.